Dog Days of Summer at the Farmer’s Market


I like dogs

Big dogs

Little dogs

Fat dogs

Doggy dogs

Old dogs

Puppy dogs

I like dogs

A dog that is barking over the hill

A dog that is dreaming very still

A dog that is running wherever he will

I like dogs.

 ― Margaret Wise Brown

The Friendly Book

August is here and so are the Dog Days of Summer.  The Romans named Diēs caniculārēs or the Dog Days of Summer after Sirius, the “Dog Star” (siriusly!)  The brightest star rose at the same time as the sun. This made the already hot days seem brighter.

During these summer months farmer’s markets are very popular and folks bring along their four-legged friends to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.  I have three pups of my own and as a dog lover, I enjoy seeing all the different breeds strolling around the local markets. There’s such a variety of dogs… some are cute, and others… well, let’s just say they range from cute, cuddly, big, shaggy, leggy, and stocky.

Keep in mind that not everyone is fond of our furry friends.  Some farmers markets have a “no pets allowed” policy. Be sure to check with your market to find out their policy and rules regarding Fido before heading out.

Here are some general rules to keep you out of the doghouse:

  • Check with the market to confirm they allow dogs
  • Keep dog(s) on a short leash at all times
  • Clean up immediately after your dog(s)
  • No barking or jumping… keep dog(s) under control and by your side
  • Keep dog(s) away from food and produce (tails, too!)
  • Dog(s) must be sociable with other dogs and people
  • Keep dog(s) away from vendors and booths
  • Make sure dog(s) stay well-hydrated by bringing a portable bowl

So, hit the market with man’s best friend. Be sure to bring plenty of water for you and your pooch. It’s hot during the Dog Days of Summer!

My rescue lab loves to carry the basket to the farmer's market.

My rescue lab loves to carry the farmer’s market basket.


The basket is bigger than my schipperke, Huggy!

The basket is bigger than my schipperke, Huggy!

Live. Love. Bark.

Does your dog go to the market with you?

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“You can say any fool thing to a dog and the dog will just give you this look that says, ‘My GOSH, you’re RIGHT! I NEVER would’ve thought of that!” 

Dave Barry

Photo courtesy of Portik Lorant and Seedy Lawyer.  All rights reserved.