Bravo, Avocado! {raw recipe}

Homegrown Florida Avocados

My avocado-loving Dad always wanted his own tree. So a few years ago he hired a landscaper to plant a big, bad avocado tree in his South Florida yard. Like an impatient kid, my Dad waited for his new budding, guacamole-producing tree. He was soon to be the envy of all the neighbors!


My Dad loves avocados!

The garden guy brought a huge back hoe (fancy, huh? – yeah, so was his bill!).  He and his crew dug a hole in my Pop’s yard big enough to land a Lear Jet. Oh, just the thought of endless avocados

The time came for the unveiling of the terrific tree. Filled with bursting anticipation, Dad skipped into his backyard. There it was… All three feet of it. The Charlie Brown Christmas Avocado Tree: A sad, lifeless, twig with one brown leaf. Heartbroken, my poor Dad hung his head in disbelief. Good Grief, Charlie Brown Dad. Sadly, at 80 years old, my father knew he would never pick his own avocados.


Oh, but Darling Mother Nature must have had a crush on my adorable Dad. Just a few guacamole-less football seasons later, things began to change…


Bloom, baby, bloom!

Voila! May I present my father’s tree featuring ginormous avocados! Ta-da! 


Pop is so proud of his green goodies! If the Miami Dolphins ever run out of footballs, maybe they can use one of these! Oh, yeah, baby!


Known to my Miami friends as La Avocado Abogada*, I quickly got my hands on some of Dad’s treasures!

(*Translation: The Avocado Attorney)


One of Dad’s avocados (Persea americana) even had a huge root wrapped around the pit. I planted it and now my tree is bigger than Dad’s original tree! Ha!


Avocado Tree I grew from Dad’s Avocado pit!

I love raw food recipes. Years ago, I bought Carol Alt’s Raw Food book. A recipe for a raw Chocolate Banana Shake made with avocado seemed too good to be true. A delicious (milkless) milkshake that’s actually good for you? Get out! No way! So I had to try it for myself…

OMG!! Move over Haagen-Dazs! This shake is:



Oh so Creamy



A bit Banana-y

Frozen goodness

A blenderful of bliss

This fake shake is so darn good that I tricked all my friends and family into thinking it’s the calorie-packed, sinful, get-your-butt-to-the-gym, ice-cream shop real deal. I challenge you to do the same!

The results will make you yell,Bravo, Avocado!”


Raw Chocolate Banana Shake

Adapted from The Raw 50 by Carol Alt


¼ cup raw cashews, soaked for about 2 hours, drained

¼ to ½ ripe pitted and peeled avocado

2 ripe bananas, sliced (preferably frozen)

½ teaspoon pure vanilla extract

¼ teaspoon Himalayan salt or sea salt

1 tablespoon raw agave nectar or raw honey

2 tablespoons raw cacao

½ cup non-dairy milk (I used chocolate almond milk; can use regular almond milk, flax milk, etc)

2 cup crushed ice


Blend first 7 ingredients in blender for 60 seconds.  Add ice and blend until reaching a thick milkshake-like consistency.  Add enough milk to reach desired consistency.  Blend.  Pour into glass and enjoy!



A nutrient-packed raw milkshake without the guilt! Cheers!

What is your favorite Avocado recipe?

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Charlie Brown Photo by Charles Schultz Courtesy of  Anthony Peoples

Original photos by The Seedy Lawyer.  All rights reserved.

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  • Tracy

    Love this!! We have a wee little avocado tree we started from a pit! It’s only about a foot and a half talk now; I can’t wait for it to get big!! Mmmm and that Shake looks amazing!

    • Your tree will soon grow up like this little one did! Start collecting your recipes!! Cheers!

  • I love your story and so glad your father got to see his Avocado tree grow and produce. Yes I love the smoothie recipe too – sounds so refreshing and healthy. Thanks for sharing on Real Food Fridays. Shared on Twitter & Pinned.

    • Thanks Maria! I was so happy for my Dad!! He is joyful!! YUM! Thanks for having me on Real Food Fridays!

  • wow love this and i am so jealous you have an avacado tree, i love avacados x

    • The tree just started blooming out of no where (after a really bad start LOL) We cherish our avocados! 🙂

  • Judi Graber

    How lucky to have your own avocado tree – never will happen here in Michigan. I love the shake – that is on my make soon list – thanks 🙂

    • Hey Judi! Thanks for visiting! Let me know how your shake turns out please 🙂

  • Julianna

    Wow, what stunning avocados!! Your dad is one lucky guy! This shake is awesome; I often put avocado in my shakes too. Really looking forward to trying this recipe! Thanks so much for bringing it to FF!

    • Thanks, Julianna! I never thought of adding avocados to a shake til I saw this recipe! Amazing! Cheers!

  • Petra

    Oh I am so sad it isn’t hot enough here to have an avocado tree! The avocados looks amazing. The raw chocolate shake sounds so interesting and it looks great 🙂

    • Thanks for visiting. Yes, we are so fortunate to have the avocados! The shake was such a surprise! And good for you, too!

  • Mandi @ Mad Avocado

    I LOVE avocados. Will be trying this as a matter of some urgency !!

    • Yum! Let me know how it turns out! 🙂

  • spiceinthecity

    What a lovely post Lisa 🙂 Congrats to your Dad & you on having such amazing avocado trees! The milkshake looks awesome 🙂

    • Thanks!! The shake is amazing! 🙂

  • homemaidsimple

    what a fun experience – growing your own trees! The shake sounds pretty wonderful too! thanks for sharing on Weekend Bites

    • Thanks for stopping by. Growing the trees was the best part…and the shake, too 🙂 Thanks for hosting Weekend Bites!

  • Sarah ‘n Spice

    I want an avocado tree 🙂 Milkshake looks delicious!

    • LOL Sarah! I LOOOVVEE my Dad’s tree!

  • Miz Helen

    I will just love that Milkshake! Thanks so much for sharing your awesome post with Full Plate Thursday and have a fabulous day!

    Hope to see you soon,

    Miz Helen

  • Jann Olson

    Oh to have an avocado tree in my own yard. Never to be hear, but I sure do love them! I have heard that they are good in a shake, but I have never tried it before. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

    • Hi, Jann, I was VERY hesitant to try this recipe with avocado in a shake. But now it is one of my favorite drinks! Thanks for having me on SYC 🙂

  • Angi @ SchneiderPeeps

    That milkshake looks delicious! Now, I can be jealous of your avacados along with your raspberries. Thanks for sharing with us at Simple Lives Thursday, hope to see you again this week.

    • Ha, thanks, Angi! Yes, it’s a little sad the garden is done til next year… happy I canned and froze some garden goodies! Thanks for having me on Simple Lives Thursday!

  • Rhonda Crank

    Wow! How awesome is that tree? My avocado tree volunteered from the compost pile and is years away from producing. Thanks for the great pictures. They make me envious.

    • We found a volunteer avocado tree in our compost pile, too! Don’t you just love that? Thanks for visiting!

  • Brittnei Washington

    This is an amazing story. I don’t think I’ve ever known anyone who grew avocados. Your Dad is amazing and so is this recipe. Thanks for sharing this with us at the Creative Style Linkup. 🙂

    • Thanks for inviting me to share on Creative Style Linkup 🙂 It’s so great to watch my Dad and his avocados!

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  • HA! More avocados for you, eh? Thanks so much for visiting!! My Dad is SO proud of his avocados! 🙂

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