50/50: Fifty years of life’s lessons


Me with Mom in Miami

You’ve come a long way, baby!

This is it!  The Big 5-0! Half of a century. Five decades.

Adios, youth.  Hello, AARP! Egad!

….Cue music: “Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’ into the future.” 

Where has all the time gone? I act so silly sometimes that I just can’t believe my age. Well, I’m definitely older and maybe a little bit wiser. I have learned much over the past fifty years. But the lessons I have learned have not all been easy.

As I laugh myself into the next 50 years, I reflect on a few, okay, 50 things that I know for sure from 50 years passed.  Here’s my 50/50 countdown:

50.  You should always talk to strangers.

49. Diamonds Dogs are a girl’s best friend.


My rescued dog, Dingo

48.  Cherish your family.

47.  Life’s too short to drink cheap wine.

46.  Friends are measured in quality, not quantity.

45.  Eat dessert first.

44. Never talk to Dad during a football game.

43.  I believe in angels!

42. Watching the sunrise can change your whole day.

41. Rainbows make me giddy.

40.  ’70’s and ’80’s music rocks!

39.  I will always be Daddy’s little girl.


Dad, my first true love.

38.  Bees are beautiful.

37.  Laughter can cure anything.

36.  You don’t know how strong you are until you have to be.

35.  My mother loves me.

34.  I may be a little bit older, but I’m young at heart!

33.  The smell of rain intoxicates me. (Cue music: “Have you ever seen the rain?”)

32.  I smile at strangers. (You should try it!)

31.  My garden fills me with peace.

30.  Me gusta el café cubano.

29.  The ocean calms me. (Cue music: “Well I was born in the sign of water, And it’s there that I feel my best.”)

28.  I love the Autumn breeze blowing my hair.

27.  My 99 year old grandmother is amazing (and she wishes she was my age!)


“A garden of love grows in a grandmother’s heart.” ~Author Unknown

26.  I could dance for the rest of my life! (Cue music: “I could have danced all night and still have begged for more.“)

25.  It is better to be alone than in bad company.

24.  A smile is a reflection of your soul.

23. No matter how bad life seems, remember: “This, too, shall pass.”

22. I love the smell of a wood-burning fire (and eating smores)!

21. If you have one true friend, you are rich.

20. Snowflakes make me skip!

19.  Mean people stink!

18.  Fall leaves are absolutely spectacular!

Changeof Leaves_seedylawyer

17.  You should really, really listen to people.

16.  Sunsets rock!

15.  I sing along with birds.

14.  Sunshine on my shoulders really makes me happy.

13.  I love watching butterflies visit my flowers.


12. Music moves me.

11. Trains are really cool!

10. I wish upon stars.

9.  Writing satisfies my soul.

8.  You are responsible for making yourself happy.

7.  A random act of kindness can make all the difference in the world.

6.  God loves me.

5.  A rescued dog rescues you right back.

4.  There’s nothing like a really great joke!

3.  A good, cold craft beer is totally worth the calories.

2. I would rather be in my garden than in the courtroom.

….and the number one thing I know for sure is…(drumroll please)….

1.  50 is the new 39!!!


I’m excited to see what the next 50 years will teach me!  Stay tuned…

What life’s lessons have you learned?  I would love to hear them!

Original photos by Seedy Lawyer.  All rights reserved.

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  • Lanie

    Have a wonderful birthday, Lisa. Do something wild and crazy to celebrate! Love the pictures of you with your mother and grandmother.

    • Thanks, Lanie!

  • Steve

    Tick, tock, tick… Happy Birthday, Seedy!

    • Ha ha! Thanks, Steve!

  • Tracy @ Scratch It

    Have a Happy Happy Birthday!!! What a lovely post. Love the pics of Dingo and your sweet grandmother. xox

    • Thanks, Tracy. Looking at those pictures really fills me with joy:)

  • Happy Birthday! There is definitely a trade off between age and wisdom! You have a great list. I would add that “if you can’t be kind to yourself, don’t expect anyone else to be”.

    • Thanks, Julie! I love your addition!

      • Thank Lisa! Kick A in your 50’s. I am half way thru and have loved every year. I’d hang here if I could.

  • Nancy

    Happy Birthday! Fabulous list…I’m not far behind you, just a few weeks. I may just copy your idea, if only for my personal enjoyment. Thanks for sharing your thoughtful, lovely and funny list at Fiesta Friday. 🙂

    • Happy (early) Birthday, Nancy! Feel free to copy my idea and make a list. It is quite liberating and eye-opening! I would love to read your list! 🙂

  • Lori farrell

    Hi Lisa I embrace the divine appointment I had with you and the universe today. You renewed my faith in peculiar but unique circumstance

    • He works in mysterious ways!!

  • What a wonderful list of life joys and healthy ways to live. I wish you the best for the next 50 years and hope they are as good to you as the first 50 seem to be. If one thing I have learn is we never stop learning and growing. Thanks for sharing on Real Food Fridays. Pinned & twitted.

    • Thanks, Maria! True, everyday I learn something new 🙂

  • Jann Olson

    I love it Lisa! Fifty years of love and bliss!! So many valuable things you have learned. So many of them would be on my list as well. Although now days 50 seems young to me. I’m pushing 62. Your granny is a doll and all of the fabulous things she has experienced in her life! Happy Belated birthday and thanks for sharing with SYC.

  • Angie

    Happy Belated Birthday, Lisa! I love reading your 50/50 countdown. I can relate to many of them! Your grandma looks amazing at 99 as you do at 50!! Like grandma, like granddaughter! :-