Mango Madness: 18 Mango Facts

Miami Mangos!

Miami Mangos!

I am just “Mad About Mangos!”  I have always been intrigued by majestic mango trees and the various colors and sizes of the exotic fruit. During summer, South Florida mango trees are decorated with colorful fruit, hanging on branches like Christmas tree ornaments.


Keitt Mangos decorate Miami Mango trees like Christmas ornaments.

Growing up in Miami, I enjoyed fresh mangos (Mangifera indica) from friends and neighbors. Riding my bike around our block, neighbors would overflow my bike’s pink straw basket with this sweet fruit to take home and enjoy.

“Neighborhood Mangos” photo courtesy of Piper Rothan

Once, a pit from a neighbor’s mango sprouted.  I watered and loved my little tree, but no mangos ever grew. Nothing. Nada. Although it never produced any mangos, my small mango tree sparked my love for gardening and nature.

Years later, after Law School I bought a house, with (you guessed it) a big old mango tree!  My own mango tree! I waited in anticipation as tiny mangos grew. Each year, tropical storms knocked half my mangos onto the ground, like little green golf balls.


Mangos ripening.

Little did I know that hungry squirrels were also watching the mangos that remained on the tree.  Many of my ripe mangos had bite marks reminiscent of Jaws!  To make matters worse, one day lightning struck my beautiful mango tree – and split the tree in half!  Just like my mango tree, dreams of growing my own mangos were struck down.

Then my best friend moved into the “Mango Terrace” neighborhood.  However her house turned out to be the only house without a mango tree! So, now I have to get my “mango fix” from my Dad’s clients who pay with mangos (yeah, I know), or from neighborhood mango stands, and farmer’s markets.

Sunny Goldin (R) buying Tommy Atkins Mangos from Karen Ross in Pinecrest, FL

Mango Stand: Sunny Goldin (R) buys Tommy Atkins Mangos from Karen Ross

Well, I am sure you can imagine how excited I am that it’s Mango Season in South Florida!  I am just crazy about delicious mangos, adding them to my smoothies, mango bread and other recipes. Nothing beats the taste of a cold ripe mango on a hot summer day!

Loving this delightful fruit like I do, I find the history of mangos to be very interesting. Check out these Mango Facts that will be sure to make you Mad About Mangos:

18 Mango Facts:

1. Mango Mania: The world’s biggest mango weighed over 8 pounds!

2. Walk this way: In the West Indies, the expression “to go mango walk” means to steal another person’s mango fruits.

3. The Seven-year itch: The mango is a member of the Anachardiaceae family which includes poison ivy, cashews, and pistachios. (This may explain why some have an allergic reactic to the skin and sap of mangos.)


4. It’s a Pattern:  The paisley pattern, developed in India, is based on the shape of a mango.

5. King Mango: Named the King of Fruit, mango is the most widely consumed fresh fruit in the world.

6. Monk Fruit: It is said that Buddhist monks introduced the mango to Malaysia and Asia around the 5th Century B.C.  Legend has it that Buddha meditated under the shade of a mango tree.


 7. In a pickle: When mangoes were first imported to the American colonies in the 17th century, because of lack refrigeration, they had to be pickled. The word “mango” became a verb meaning “to pickle”.

8. You’ve Got a Friend: Giving a basket of mangos in India is considered a gesture of friendship.

9. Breakfast of Champions:  Mangos contain over 20 different vitamins and minerals, helping to make them a true superfood.


10. Bag it: If you place an unripe mango in a paper bag in a cool location, it will ripen in 2 or 3 days.

11. Royal Fruit:  Southeast Asian Kings and nobles had their own mango groves. This began the custom of sending gifts of the choicest mangos.

12. Have a Coke and a Mango:Frooti” is an Indian mango drink. The Coca-Cola company started their own drink, called “Maaza” in order to compete with it.


13.  The Forever Fruit:  Mangos have been cultivated for over 6,000 years.

14. Make a wish: The mango tree plays a sacred role in India. Being the symbol of love, some believe that the Mango tree can grant wishes.

15. National Pride: The mango is the national fruit of India and the Philippines.

Fairchild Tropical Gardens Mango Festival photo courtesy of Piper Rothan

Fairchild Tropical Gardens Mango Festival photo courtesy of Piper Rothan

16. Variety is the Spice of Life: With hundreds of varieties, mangos range in color from green and yellow, to red, often tinged with purple, pink, orange-yellow, or red.

17. “I Do”: In several cultures, mango fruit and leaves are ritually used as floral decorations at weddings, public celebrations and religious ceremonies.

18. You say “Mango”, I say “Mangga”: In other parts of the world, the mango is also known as manga (Portuguese), mangga, mangot, mangou, and mangue (French).


However you say “Mango”, I am just crazy about this tropical fruit!  Hopefully you, too, will be Mad About Mangos!

I am sharing my “Mango Madness” with the folks over at Fiesta Friday (#26)!

Where do you find your mangos? What are your favorite Mango recipes?

Original Photos courtesy of Seedy Lawyer and Piper Rothan, my mango-eating friend

All Rights Reserved.



  • Kaila (GF Life 24/7)

    I knew a few of these facts from my own mango research, but I just love learning more about MANGOES! I can’t believe you have your own tree too. The mangoes look absolutely delicious. 😀 Thanks for sharing, and have a wonderful weekend.

    • Thanks, Kaila! Happy Fiesta Friday!

  • Indira MC

    Great post! I love mangoes too although I’m SO lazy to cut them up lol. I always try to cook with them but I end up eating all before I can get to the recipe 🙂

  • A home cook

    We too love mangoes, but we need to wait for mango season when they are trucked down from Queensland to these cooler southern parts. Happy Fiesta Friday.

  • saucy gander

    I adore mangoes too! Thanks for these great mango facts, now I want to go and eat one, or several!

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  • Happy Happy Fiesta Friday Lisa! What an awesome post for our party today! I love mangoes too…but that wasn’t always the case! I never cared for them…and about two years ago decided that it was ridiculous that I didn’t like them. So all summer long, I forced myself to eat it until I liked it! Now I can’t get enough of them! 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing your love of mangoes, and those great facts! You’re awesome. 🙂 <3

  • judith graber

    Thanks for all of the great info and pictures on mangoes. I too love them but I live in Michigan and of course I find them at the stores. Yummy in smoothies or just fresh 🙂

  • While reading your post, I truly want to take you to Thailand with me. There are SO MANY different kinds of mangoes for you to try; I have not even tried all of them, yet. Great post, Lisa 🙂

    • Pang, I would love that! Yum!

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